What can you expect from us?

As a Recruitment Consultancy, our business is based on trust, transparency and doing right by you.

You can expect us to treat you as fellow professionals and as individuals – just as we ourselves would like to be treated in our dealings with others. 

We listen carefully to your motivations and aspirations to help you find the right career move. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or feel you need some guidance, we are here to help.

You can trust us when we say we will do something. We will never leave you in the dark wondering how well your application was received by our client. Whether they wish to progress you through to interview stage or not, we will let you know. We will also provide feedback after every interview because we know just how important that is to you and how it may help you develop in the future.


We will prepare you for every interview you attend and you can find some very helpful tips in our 'Interview Preparation' section under 'Candidates'. We will always call you before an interview to ensure you are happy and answer any further questions you may have.


For your peace of mind, we will never share any of your information with any third party (our clients) unless a successful job offer is made. Please feel free to read our GDPR Privacy Policy for further assurance.

We hope you will always find us accessible and approachable; it is an important part of our approach to providing a service that is valued by our clients and candidates alike.