Fail to prepare, prepare to fail...

We are here to help you get your dream job and preparation and presentation are going to be key to your success. No matter what role you are interviewing for, first impressions count. Always dress smartly, polish those shoes and walk in to the interview with a smile on your face and a firm handshake.  

Here are a few pointers to help you out before the big day:

Research the Company and Brand - It’s vital that you research the company you are visiting. You need to be prepared for any questions you might be asked, and to be able to ask questions yourself. This shows you have a genuine interest in the Company and pay attention to detail. You can also use websites like LinkedIn to research the person who will be interviewing you. You never know, you may well have similar interests and it will give you a better understanding of that person.

Plan Your Route - Being late for an interview is never going to go down well. Sit and plan your route the day before at the time you will be travelling to get a good understanding of what traffic may be like and how long it may take you. No matter what your SatNav says, leave earlier than planned. Even when you arrive on site, you still need to find a parking space and reception. Giving yourself this extra time will leave you feeling calm and collected.

Take Your Time - When asked a question, don't rush in to an answer. Take time to consider a suitable response, making your points clear and concise – don’t feel pressured in filling any silences.

Try to avoid answering with just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead, answer questions in detail, utilising a ‘S.T.A.R.’ method:

  •          S – Situation - a situation you have been in previously

e.g. I was employed in 2017 as a Sales Manager

  •          T – Task – what you were tasked to do

e.g. I was asked to increase unit sales of used vehicles

  •          A – Action – how you went about

e.g. I arranged daily meetings with the sales team to discuss potential sales and provide pointers

  •          R – Result – how your actions affected the outcome

e.g. Used car sales increased by 27%

This method will help you effectively explain the real examples you provide to interview questions.

Your interview answers should be about your experiences, achievements, transferable skills or knowledge. Remember to use ‘measurables’ such as facts and figures.

e.g. I sold 224 new cars in 2016 with finance penetration at 96%

Asking Questions - Unless the Interviewer raises the subject – avoid asking questions relating to salary during your first meeting.

Ask positive questions: e.g. What are the career prospects?

At the End of the Interview - Don’t be afraid to ask what will happen next or how long it will be until you hear from the Interviewer. One of the key questions we advise you to ask is "Am I the type of person you would look to employ?". This will give you an immediate response and the chance to counter any negative thoughts and turn them around in to positive ones.

Always thank the Interviewer for their time and shake their hand at the conclusion.

After the Interview - Let us know how you think you did.

If you have thought of any questions after the interview, do not be afraid to contact the Interviewer and ask them. Alternatively; you may prefer to call and discuss them with us.

If you have not been successful, ask for feedback and take on board any comments in a positive manner and prepare for your next challenge!


Last but not least – Everyone here at ACS Automotive Recruitment wishes you all the best for attaining that next step in your career ambitions.


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