What do you expect from a good Recruitment Company?

Professionalism? Speed? Advice? Industry knowledge? Honesty? Communication? Or the offer of baked meat products? (I’ll let you figure that one out!)

The day to day running of a recruitment company brings many challenges but the biggest is surely and simply just to meet people’s expectations. Everyone expects something different, everyone has formed opinions based on previous experience, everyone has different priorities. A Managers job can be on the line with a bad appointment and someone’s career can be seriously affected with a bad job choice.

We have seen over the years a real increase in start-up recruitment businesses in our market. This comes down to very few barriers to market, people within the industry trying to find better work/life balances, the thought that they could do a better job than the service they have received and many others.

This can leave people feeling bamboozled with the options. Who should they speak to? Who should they trust with their career or recruitment needs? It’s a big question. I am not going to be cheesy now and tell you that you should only trust us as I’m sure there are other good recruiters out there but how do you know where to place your trust?

As a candidate, if you put your CV on a job board such as Reed, InAutomotive or CV Library the likelihood is that you will get an unimaginable amount of phone calls from Recruitment companies all over the UK asking if they can help you. Is this helping or just making it impossible to keep track of what you might be applying for or to what companies your CV has been sent to. This certainly doesn’t help you search for a job in an efficient and effective way.

Our advice is to speak to people you trust, build relationships with recommended people, or speak to a couple of recruiters that seem to have the right ethics and reviews on their website. Don’t lose track of your CV, don’t give recruiters the authority to send your CV to everyone and anyone. Use a recruiter who cares genuinely about what is right for your career and not just where their next placement comes from. Speak to recruiters who are honest with you upfront on what they will do for you and how they can help.

Clients should follow a similar approach. Is speaking to 10 different companies about your current vacancy giving you the best opportunity to find the right person? In short, no! I’ll give you a heads up, a recruiter who sees a vacancy going to 10 other recruitment companies is probably going to switch off from that vacancy completely as their chances of making a placement are so far reduced that they will spend their time on other projects. As Recruiters we assess every job opportunity that comes in based on the quality of the opportunity. How extensive is the brief? Do we know what the client is looking for? Will the client communicate with us throughout the process effectively? Are candidates likely to be interested in the position? How does it rank against roles available with the client’s competitors? How many other recruiters are looking at it? How long has the client been looking for? These are just a few things we think about before deciding how much time to put into that opportunity. In short, pick up the phone to us or ask us to call you. We don’t bite and we can come and visit your site also to get a real feel for your business. Don’t send a brief email and expect us to know what will make the difference and fit in your business and team. Communicate with us and give us the best opportunity to make your job easier by finding you the right candidates and not just any candidate.

So, in answer to my original question, what do you expect from a good Recruitment Company. I can’t give you that answer. You can tell us though, so give us a call at ACS Automotive Recruitment Consultants and talk to us about how you want us to handle your next career step or how we can help find you that superstar who will add real value to your business.

We pride ourselves on how we handle things with our clients and candidates. We work to strong ethics and put honesty and communication at the top of our list of traits. All we ask from you in return is effective communication, 100% honesty and the opportunity to prove what we can do for you.

Have a fantastic day

Adam Curtis

Director at ACS Automotive Recruitment Consultancy Ltd